Data Center and Facility Infrastructure Solutions
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  • UPS, High Density Cooling, Power Protection

    Protecting Your Critical Facility & IT Infrastructure

    Potencia Technologies evolved out of a need for specialists who understand your power and cooling requirements. Whether you are responsible for a networking closet, or a globa datacenter, Potencia can help with your critical IT availability requirements.
  • Eaton Family

    Providing a Range of Power Protection Solutions   

    From small singe-phase products and large three-phase AC UPS systems, to DC power plants we can provide the backbone for your IT or facility infrastructure needs, regardless of your company's size
  • Keeping Your Server Room Cool

    Whether your powering a small business or a large data center, proper heat management is important. Cooling costs are often the largest ongoing operating expense of most data centers. Ask our experts about how you can maximize energy efficiency in your server room.
  • Understanding Power Distribution and Installation

    Let us help you make sense of voltages, power factors, and UPS topologies.
  • Full Consulting Services

    Coordinating On-site Consultations

    Looking to start a project but need some advice? Our technicians are happy to join you on site.

Knowledge is critical to designing and implementing the right power and/or cooling solution. A mission critical environment providing 7x24 support for a global enterprise will have needs that differ from those of an organization that requires basic extended system runtime requirements for a few servers and networking gear. Understanding the available technology insures the right solution for your uptime requirements.

We have two ears and one mouth for a reason.....we should listen twice as often as we speak. Failing to listen to the needs of the customer is one of the most common errors committed by solution builders. Coupled with this is the need for careful site inspection, when applicable.

By working with industry leader and proven products we are able to insure the highest level of product quality and support for the needs of our customers. Your best interests may, or may not be best served by purchasing on the basis of brand awareness. By working with a range of world class products from quality manufacturers we are able to ensure the right solution for your power protection needs.

If we don't look after the customer, somebody else will. We understand this truth, and for that reason support does not end with the sale, but starts the moment discussion begins, and carries on throughout the life of the relationship.